Jerkbait Techniques

When fishing with jerkbaits, you can use a few different retrieves.  A twitch, twitch and then pause is very effective and very popular among most anglers.  You can vary the retrieves as far as how many twitches between pauses, how violent or light the twitches will be, the length of time you pause the bait and so forth.  When using a jerkbait, think of the retrieve you’re using and how the bait actually looks in the water.  Most fish that will hit a jerkbait are attracted to the twitching of the bait, but the pause is when the fish goes after the bait.  Make sure you react to how the fish are feeding on any given day.  On some days, a light twitch and long pause will get it done and on other days, a faster more violent twitch and shorter pauses will be the most effective way to work the bait.

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