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Chapleau is known as the gateway to the Chapleau Crown Game Preserve.  The Preserve is a huge area with wildlife viewing stations and drive-in tourism opportunities.  It’s a pretty cool place to visit just for this reason, however, if you’re on this website, you’re looking to learn about the fishing in this area.  It’s a small town, but there is plenty here to service you on a trip here.  There are fly-in services that use this as their main base to fly out of.  There are drive to resorts and campgrounds too.

The fishing is good here for northern pike, walleye, smallmouth bass, lake trout, brook trout and perch.  Some of these lakes just outside town are fairly remote so you won’t see too many anglers out here.  The fishing is good for numbers in many of the lakes and trophy fish are here too.

Primary Species of Fish

Walleye, Northern Pike & Smallmouth Bass

There are some very good lakes in this area with some excellent fishing for walleye, northern pike and smallmouth bass.  You may have to hit a few different lakes to experience the awesome fishing for these species of fish, but there are plenty of lakes up here that have good populations of these fish.

Secondary Species of Fish

Lake Trout, Perch

Anglers do fish some of the deeper lakes for lake trout and perch are available in many of the lakes in this area.

 Fishing Tips

We have plenty of fishing tips in the following sections:

Area Waters

The Fish

Fishing Calendar

 Fishing Regulations

Ontario Regulations (Chapleau, Ontario is in Zone 8, however, it is right on the edge of the zones, so if you venture west or south, you may end up fishing in zone 7 or zone 10, so please make sure you are aware of the regulations for the bodies of water you choose to fish.)