Weightless Texas Rig

The Weightless Texas Rig is a great rig for using bigger soft plastic baits such as worms, jerkbaits, creatures and lizards.  It’s great for rigging the bait weedless which allows you to fish your baits around all types of cover.

Many creature baits look great on a weightless Texas rig.  Most anglers will use them with a jerkbait type retrieve and most bites will come on the pause.

Lizards are very good baits when fished weightless.  Work them along slowly and let them fall slowly through the water column.  Bass have a hard time resisting them.

A jerkbait rigged on a weightless Texas rig is one of the better ways to target largemouth bass, smallmouth bass and even northern pike when these fish are in the shallows.

Curly tail worms look good fished on a weightless rig, especially some of the bigger curly tail worms in the 8 to 12 inch range.

Some floating worms are big enough to be rigged with the weightless Texas rig.  These worms usually fall much slower throughout the water column and at times, this can lead to many more bites.

The weightless rig can be very effective depending on the size of the worm.  As long as you can cast it as far as you need to, it can be productive.  Fish it more like a jerkbait with a twitch, twitch, pause retrieve and you will have some success.

Wacky worms look much better when fished wacky style like you see in the pictures above, however, some anglers do fish them by using a weightless Texas rig.  With the hook in the head of the worm, a jerkbait retrieve works better to entice more bites.