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While this area won’t wow you with a big named Canadian lake to fish, but that doesn’t bother the people who come here every year to fish this area’s many smaller lakes.  You don’t have to worry about windy weather ruining your trip here because there is always somewhere to fish where you won’t have to deal with big waves.  Anglers target a variety of fish here as most of the lakes will have good fishing for northern pike and walleye.  Some lakes are also good for lake trout or smallmouth bass as well.  You have plenty of options with enough resorts and campgrounds on many of the nicer lakes to fish in the area and if you bring a smaller boat, you can experience some good fishing on some of the backwater lakes here too.

Learn About the Fish

Primary Species of Fish
Walleye, Northern Pike & Smallmouth Bass

The lakes in this area are home to good fishing for walleye, northern pike and smallmouth bass.  It all depends on what lake you are going to fish, but you can definitely find plenty of these fish here if you fish the right lakes.

Secondary Species of Fish
Lake Trout, Perch & Crappie

Some of the deeper lakes in the area will have lake trout in them.  Perch and crappie are available too in many of the area lakes.  You can find these fish if you want to catch them.