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Lake Winnie is one of the best, if not the best, walleye lakes in Minnesota.  Visitors love coming to Lake Winnie for the outdoor recreation.  Boating, fishing, hunting, swimming, hiking and biking are very popular in this area.  There are plenty of resorts around the lake to make your trip a comfortable one.

Primary Species of Fish

Walleye, Northern Pike & Perch

This lake is known as a great walleye fishery.  The perch and pike are here too.  Most anglers come here to target walleye and if they use smaller sized baits, they end up catching walleye and perch.  When they go with bigger minnow-style baits they tend to do well with walleye and northern pike.  It’s a good lake to fish and you can expect to catch all 3 species of fish if you tie on a jig and lively minnow.

Secondary Species of Fish

Crappie, Largemouth Bass & Sunfish

While most people come here to fish for walleye, pike and perch, there are some other fish in this lake too.  Crappie are here in low numbers.  You can find some bluegill, rock bass and other sunfish too if you fish for them.  There is a fishable population of largemouth bass here, however, many anglers never fish for them.  Target the reeds and you will have a shot to run into some of these fish too.

Fish the Bays

You don’t have many bays here, but there are some.  These are usually better early in the season.  Once the water temperatures warm up, the better fishing usually occurs on the main lake.

Fish the Flats

There are some big flats here that consist of different bottoms.  Whether it’s weeds, rocks or something else, some of these flats will hold lots of bait fish and the game fish will roam these flats at times while searching for a meal.  Trolling or drifting these flats can sometimes pay off huge.

Fish the Offshore Structure

Since this lake is kind of like a big bowl, the better fishing will almost always relate to the offshore structure.  Fish the drop-offs, weeds, rocks and just pay attention to your electronics because you may run into large schools of bait fish and the game fish will usually be close by.  This is a tough lake to fish without having good electronics.  Understand how to use your electronics and use a good map to help find the better offshore structure.  The anglers that understand the offshore structure best will almost always do better when it comes to fishing for walleye, pike and perch on this lake.

Fish the Points

There aren’t many points to fish, but fish will move into these areas.  You can fish the points and catch some fish, but the fishing is usually better if you figure out the under water structure farther offshore.

Fish the Rocks

This lake has some nice rocky structure.  Anglers will usually target walleye and perch around the rocks, especially, the offshore structure.  Northern pike can often be found in these areas as well.

Fish the Weeds

You will have some weeds in the shallows and deeper.  Early in the year, the shallower weeds will hold a lot of fish.  As it gets warmer in the summer, the deeper weed edges will usually be the better spots to find pike, walleye and jumbo perch.  The shallower vegetation can be good too.  The bass anglers love fishing the reeds and pike will often be there too with some panfish as well.

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