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In-line spinners are one of the best lures for a variety of fish.  You can catch literally every game fish from freshwater to saltwater.  For some species, they work better, but there are so many species of fish that will eat an in-line spinner.  Most anglers use them for bass, trout and northern pike.

Tackle Recommendations

Rod, Reel & Line

There are many different sizes and weights of in-line spinners.  For smaller trout and panfish, you may be using ultra light gear with 4 pound fishing line.  For big fish such as northern pike and muskie, you may be using super heavy gear with heavy action baitcasters and 30 to 50 pound fishing line.

Best Fishing Techniques

Steady Retrieve

Stop and Go Retrieve

What Eats Them

Largemouth Bass

Smallmouth Bass

Spotted Bass


Northern Pike


Many other species of fish will eat a spinner as well.

Shop Some of the Best Spinners

Mepp’s Spinners

Panther Martin Spinners

Rooster Tail Spinners

Mepp’s Spinners

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