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Red Lake, Ontario is located north of Ear Falls.  It’s a far drive, but well worth it for those of you willing to make the drive.  The most popular lakes to fish in this area are Red Lake and Gullrock Lake, but the Gullrock Chain of Lakes is made up of 5 lakes and they all offer good fishing to anglers.  There are some other area lakes up here as well that offer some excellent fishing.  Northern pike, walleye and lake trout are the main species of fish to catch up here, but some anglers do fish for smallmouth bass, muskie, perch and whitefish.

Primary Species of Fish

Northern Pike & Walleye

The primary species of fish in this area are northern pike and walleye.  Anglers do very well for numbers of walleye and pike as well as trophy-sized fish.  Red Lake, Gullrock Lake and Nungesser Lake are awesome lakes for fishing and there are other lakes in the area that also provide great fishing.

Secondary Species of Fish

Lake Trout, Smallmouth Bass, Perch, Muskie & Whitefish

Walleye and pike are what anglers come here for, but you can definitely target perch and lake trout and catch some fish.  Smallmouth bass are here, but in small numbers on the main lakes.  Some huge muskie are caught here, but they are very rarely seen up here.  When you do see one, it may be a monster though.  Whitefish can be caught too, but they are usually super deep so very few anglers will ever see one.

 Fishing Tips

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Fishing Regulations

Ontario Regulations (Red Lake, Ontario is in Zone 5)