Porgy Rig

The porgy rig is very effective on porgies, snapper, grunts and any other medium-sized fish that school up near the bottom.  Grouper anglers will use this rig as well, but there are stronger rigs that will work better for grouper.  The porgy rig isn’t made for catching very large fish.

This rig consists of a swivel that attaches the main line to a leader that attaches the sinker.  On the leader that attaches the sinker, you will add 2 additional leaders of line by tying a dropper loop onto the leader.  The loops should be about 6 inches long.  At the end of these loops, add your hooks and you will have a great rig for catching porgies and other medium-sized schooling fish.

Anglers usually tip these hooks with cut bait or pieces of shrimp.

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