Texas Rig / Florida Rig

The Texas Rig is one of the more common ways to fish a soft plastic worm.  With this setup, you can fish in and around many different types of cover, over deep water and in the shallows if you go with a lighter weight.  The texas rig is a go to presentation that will work from spring through fall with a variety of different soft plastics and it can be just as effective for largemouth and smallmouth bass. You can also use a Weightless Texas Rig setup when you don’t need the added weight.

So many creature baits will look good on a Texas / Florida rig.

Many anglers love to use the Texas rig.  It works well with a lizard bait.

Some anglers use a Texas / Florida rig with soft plastic minnows or jerkbaits.  There are much better rigs to use, but this rig will get the job done if it’s all you have.

Many swimbaits look good when anglers swim them on a Texas / Florida rig.

Many anglers prefer the Texas rig for just about every type of soft plastic bait.  It works with crayfish baits too, however, some of the smaller crayfish baits may not be big enough to work with the florid rig weights and/or some of the worm hooks that are common on the market.

Tubes usually won’t work with the Florida rig, but the Texas rig works great with a tube and it will put lots of bass in the boat.

The Texas rig or Florida rig are very good ways to fish a curly tail worm.  The action is solid with a lift and fall retrieve and by rigging it weedless, you can fish it around all types of cover.

The Texas rig is one of the more popular ways to rig soft plastics and it works well for paddle tail worms too.

Some anglers will use a Texas / Florida rig for swimming worms and this can be very effective.  The action looks good with a steady swimming retrieve and these rigs.

Some anglers use the Texas / Florida rig with wacky worms and even though the action isn’t that great, it still is a fairly effective way to fish these baits.

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