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Bass jigs are another type of jig.  They aren’t usually referred to as “Bass Jigs,” but we decided to refer to them as that because there are so many different types of jigs. These jigs are very effective and they catch bass in almost every situation.  You can fish them deep, shallow, around cover and even along drop-offs in open water.  Bass jigs were made for bass, but they work extremely well for northern pike also.  They are usually tipped with a trailer, plastic crayfish, or a pork rind.  You’ve probably heard of fishing a jig and pig.  It is called this because pork rinds are very common trailers for a bass jig.

Tackle Recommendations

Rod, Reel & Line

Bass jigs will vary from smaller finesse-style jigs to bigger jigs made for targeting very big fish.  You can very easily be using a finesse jig in open water for smallmouth bass with 6 pound line and a light action spinning rod or throwing a heavier 1/2 ounce bass jig on a heavy flipping stick with 40 to 50 pound braided line when targeting largemouth bass in heavy cover.  So, it really depends on the size of the bait and the situation you are fishing.

For most anglers though, bass Jigs are usually fished with a baitcaster with heavier line and a heavier rod.  17 to 30 pound test line is the norm, although, you may go lighter or heavier depending on the situation.  Most anglers will be fishing for largemouth bass as well.

Types of Bass Jigs

Finesse Jigs

Finesse Jigs are smaller and lighter bass jigs.  They are seen more as an action bait for largemouth bass or for smallmouth bass.  At times, the bite can be tough and a smaller offering may do the trick to get you more quality bites.  Finesse jigs are great, but expect to catch a lot of smaller bass when targeting largemouth with these smaller jigs.  Big smallmouth bass love these finesse-sized jigs and you don’t have to go bigger to catch big smallies.

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Football Jigs

Football Jigs have a football-shaped head and many anglers like to use these jigs to drag them along the bottom.  Anglers usually fish these in deeper water and they target largemouth bass and smallmouth bass with a slow and steady dragging retrive along the bottom.

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Pro Model Jigs

Pro Model Jigs are the style that most pros use on a consistent basis.  When looking for a jig, you can’t go wrong with manufacturer’s pro style bass jig.  Flip it, pitch it, drag it or swim it and you will catch plenty of fish with it.

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Rattling Jigs

Rattling Jigs are great for attracting more fish to your lure.  Many of today’s best bass jigs with have a rattle attached.  Rattles work and we highly recommend using them on your bass jigs.

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Swimming Jigs

Swimming Jigs are made to swim through the water column better.  You can do very well targeting largemouth bass, smallmouth bass and northern pike while swimming a jig.  Add a trailer with a swimming action and you will have more success with a swimming jig.

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Best Trailers for Bass Jigs

Chunk & Pork Trailers

Crayfish Trailers


Curly Tail Grubs

Twin Tail Grubs

Best Techniques

Dragging along the bottom

Flipping and pitching around cover

Hopping along the bottom

Swimming jigs

What Eats Them

Largemouth Bass

Smallmouth Bass

Spotted Bass

Northern Pike

Some other fish will hit a bass jig as well.

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