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Mexico Beach is a small beach community located in the Florida Panhandle. Situated between Panama City Beach and Port St. Joe, there isn’t anything real close to this small town. You won’t see high rises, crowded beaches, rush hour traffic or even traffic lights through this small town, but you will see a variety of small hotels, vacation home rentals, rv parks, white sand beaches and the beautiful Gulf of Mexico.

The Fish of Mexico Beach

Learn more about the different fish and how to catch them on our Fish of Mexico Beach page.

Mexico Beach Fishing Calendar

Take a look at our Mexico Beach fishing calendar to see the average temperatures by month and what species are throughout the different fishing seasons.

Mexico Beach Boat Launches

Take a look at our Mexico Boat Launches page to find a place to get your boat on the water.

Mexico Beach Inshore Fishing

Mexico Beach doesn’t offer inshore fishing, but a short drive in one direction will get you to St. Joseph Bay in Port St. Joe, Florida. The bay has some fantastic inshore fishing for redfish and sea trout. You can catch a variety of other fish in the bay also. Just passed Port St. Joe is Apalachicola, which is home to some of the best inshore fishing on the Panhandle.  The other direction, you will find the bays of Panama City where you will find plenty of water to target redfish, sea trout and many other types of fish.

Mexico Beach Nearshore Fishing

There is plenty of bottom structure found in the nearshore waters around Mexico Beach.  You can catch a variety of fish nearshore depending on the season.  In the spring and fall, migratory species such as tarpon can be found just off the beaches as well.  Most anglers will hire a charter to fish here and there are plenty that will fish nearshore when the better bite is there.

Learn where the reefs and wrecks are in this area:

Mexico Beach Artificial Reef Association (MBARA)

Mexico Beach Deep Sea / Offshore Fishing

The Mexico Beach area has so many good fishing spots nearshore and offshore due to the Mexico Beach Artificial Reef Association (MBARA).  Take a look at their website to learn more about the reefs and wrecks to fish in this area.

Some of the types of fish you may be targeting on the reefs and wrecks are snapper, grouper, king mackerel, Spanish mackerel, amberjack, cobia, sharks, hogfish, tripletail, jack crevalle, barracuda and more.

Learn more about the Mexico Beach Deep Sea / Offshore Fishing page.

Mexico Beach Shore Fishing

There is plenty of room on the beaches to fish the surf in Mexico Beach. Some of the popular species of fish that you may catch from the beaches are whiting, pompano and redfish, although, you may also catch Spanish mackerel, flounder, sheepshead and others. In Mexico Beach, the fishing pier was destroyed by Hurricane Michael, but there is still a small jetty available to fish.

Learn about the best spots to fish here from shore.

Mexico Beach Small Boat Fishing

Since Mexico Beach doesn’t have any barrier islands to protect it from the bigger waves, many anglers choose to go to different areas with the smaller watercraft.  There are some very adventurous people who take the kayaks out and target some of the bigger fish nearshore and even miles offshore.

If you’re looking for some calm water, you have some nearby options.  St. Joseph Bay is closest and it offers some awesome bay fishing for redfish, sea trout, flounder and more.  Apalachicola Bay isn’t too far either.  It is one of the best areas to fish inshore on the entire Florida Panhandle.  Panama City Beach isn’t too far either and there are many areas to fish in that area with a smaller watercraft.  Learn more about the St. Joseph Bay in our Port St. Joe / Cape San Blas Fishing section or the Apalachicola Bay in our Apalachicola Fishing section.