Welcome to our Beaver Lake Fishing Home Page

Beaver Lake is located high in the Ozark Mountains of northwest Arkansas, which is the birthplace of the White River.  The lake features around 487 miles of natural shoreline offering visitors plenty of recreational opportunities.  Beaver Lake is a popular vacation destination for boating, fishing, golfing, hiking and just relaxing around the beautiful lake.  Beaver Lake has more than 28,000 surface acres of water.

Beaver Lake is an awesome multi-species fishing lakes.  Striped bass are king here, but there are a variety of other bass, walleye, many different types of panfish and some awesome trout fishing close by.

Primary Species of Fish

Striped Bass & Largemouth Bass

The primary species of fish in Beaver Lake are striped bass and largemouth bass most likely comes in a far distant 2nd.  This lake is home to such good striped bass fishing and that’s what draws most anglers to this lake.  If you want to target largemouth bass instead, you will have a lot of options for them as well.

Secondary Species of Fish

Smallmouth Bass, Walleye, Muskie, Catfish, White Bass, Perch, Crappie & Bluegill

The secondary species of fish in this lake are still available in good enough numbers that if you want to target them you definitely can.  For most anglers, they will catch some of the other species of fish while targeting striped bass.  For some anglers, they enjoy fishing for a variety of fish and they will downsize their lures to be able to catch a variety of bass, panfish and other species of fish.

Use Lighter Line

Using lighter line is key to getting more bites in clear water, especially in the middle of the day when the sun is out.  Use 6 to 8 pound test line and you’ll get a lot more bites and still have enough strength to get some of the bigger fish into the boat.  Fluorocarbon line or at the very least, a fluorocarbon leader will help get more bites too.

Nearby Trout Fishing

For those of you that like to fish for trout, just below the dam, the upper White River provides some excellent fishing for rainbow trout and brown trout.