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The basic floating rig is setup with a bobber, a split shot for the weight and a hook with your bait.  Some of the details that are important when fishing with a bobber are the depth, type of bait, and the type of fish you are fishing for.  It is probably the most common fishing rig for new anglers just learning how to fish.  If you are interested in fishing deeper water with a float, you may want to learn about the slip bobber rig.

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Other Types of Bobbers

Slip Bobbers are used for fishing over deeper water with a bobber.  It’s a simple setup.  Slip bobbers have a bobber stop and a bobber that will slide along the line until it meets the bobber stop.


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Lighted Bobbers are great for fishing at night.  You can catch so many different types of fish at night and the lighted bobber makes it a lot easier.  There are plenty of manufacturers that make a variety of different lighted bobbers.


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Popping Cork

A Styrofoam cork with the top shaped to make it gurgle when yanked.  The noise is supposed to imitate sounds of fish feeding on top, thereby attracting the attention of gamefish.  The popping cork is very effective in saltwater, especially for sea trout.  It will work in freshwater as well, although, most freshwater anglers probably don’t even know what a popping cork looks like.  Sunfish, white bass and largemouth bass can all be enticed for a closer look with the popping cork and a tasty minnow, nightcrawler or type of soft plastic may be perfect for drawing a strike.


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Planer Bobbers are bobbers that can also be used as mini planer boards.  These bobbers can be used to slow troll live bait off the sides of the boat along some type of cover like weeds, grass, wood, a rocky shoreline, etc.  There are many other uses for these bobbers such as rivers, casting around all types of cover and casting along shorelines.


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