Fluorocarbon Fishing Line

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Fluorocarbon is nearly invisible once it is underwater.  It is a great line for heavily pressured waters, clear waters or after a cold front when the fish may be less aggressive.  Many anglers use fluorocarbon as a leader with mono or braid as their main line on the reel.  For example, an angler may fill their entire spool with monofilament line, then add a 2 to 3 foot fluorocarbon leader at the end.  There are a few reasons why fishermen will do this.  Anglers that use mono with a fluorocarbon leader usually do so to save money because mono is fairly cheap.  Anglers that use braid with a mono leader tend to do so to take advantage of the smaller diameter, it doesn’t stretch and the extra casting distance that braided line gives them.  Braided line is easily visible, so a fluorocarbon leader gives anglers the advantages of both fishing lines to help catch more fish.

Popular Fluorocarbon Brands






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