Stand-Up Paddleboard

The stand-up paddle boards have gotten very popular.  They aren’t the best for fishing, however, you can definitely make them work and in some situations, using a stand up paddle board may be the best way to fish or explore a small body of water.


Transporting these can be very easy.  You don’t need a trailer.  You can put them on top of your vehicle.

Great for small waters.

Fairly easy to fish from these.


Lack of storage for your fishing gear.

Very easy to have your things end up in the water, so you need to bring very little onto the paddle boards and for the things that can fall into the water, you need to make sure they float.

Our Recommendations

Inshore Saltwater

These can be a lot of fun for getting out into the bays to do a little fishing.  You can’t bring a lot on these and you don’t want to get in the habit of dragging bait or your catch in the water due to sharks, so you have to keep it light.  Ideally, this would be better when fishing with artificial lures and you should be able to get back to land quickly in case you catch a fish you want to eat.

Smaller Lakes That Don’t Have Access

A stand-up paddle board may not be ideal for fishing from the entire time, however, they can be great for getting you onto some of the smaller lakes that don’t have boat access.  Drop a stand-up paddle board in and move around the lake.  Bring a pair of waders and you can pull up your boat onto the shoreline and fish from your waders.  It may be not ideal, however, for some smaller lakes, the stand-up paddle board may be the easiest way to access more of the lake and fish better areas.  By bringing the waders, you don’t have to fish entirely from the paddle board either.

Ponds with Shorelines That are Hard to Walk

There are a lot of good fishing ponds out there and some of the best ones are good because they have limited access.  For the ponds that have growth all around the shorelines that are pretty much impossible to fish from the shorelines, the best bet for many anglers would be to put on a pair of waders and wade the ponds.  However, this can take a long time and isn’t always the safest way to navigate a pond.  With a stand up paddle board, you can bring the waders along and use the paddle board to get you to other spots of the pond.  Fish from the paddle board or use it to get to spots, then put on the waders and fish from an thoroughly before moving to the next spot.

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