Welcome to our Crystal Coast, NC Fishing Home Page

The Crystal Coast is located along North Carolina’s southern outer banks.  This area is known for its pristine beaches, good weather and tons of recreational opportunities.  It’s a great family vacation destination.

The Crystal Coast offers anglers a lot of fishing opportunities.  Whether you fish from shore, inshore or offshore, there are so many species of saltwater fish that you can catch in this area.  Most anglers stay inshore or fish from the beaches, but there are plenty of charters that take anglers offshore as well.

Inshore Fishing

The inshore fishing opportunities are outstanding in the Crystal Coast area. There is so much water that is fishable from a smaller boat in the protected waters around here, which gives a lot more anglers an opportunity to get into some great fishing. Redfish, sea trout, flounder and sheepshead are some of the more popular species of fish that most anglers target inshore, but there are several other species of fish that you may also catch here.

Nearshore Fishing

In the nearshore waters, anglers target Spanish mackerel, kingfish, cobia, bluefish, sharks, albacore tuna and others. There are some good fishing opportunities in the nearshore waters, so if you want to go out into the Atlantic Ocean to catch some fish without traveling far into the offshore waters, you can definitely catch some fish here.

Deep Sea / Offshore Fishing

This area is known for some very good offshore fishing for a variety of different species of fish. There are several fishing charters here that operate in the deeper offshore waters and some of the common species of fish that are caught are sailfish, marlin, tuna, mahi mahi, wahoo, grouper and amberjack.

Surf & Pier Fishing

The Crystal Coast area offer anglers some very good fishing opportunities from the surf and the piers. Some of the fish that anglers target here from the piers are sheepshead, flounder, redfish, pompano, kingfish, Spanish mackerel, bluefish, black drum, sea trout and flounder, but there are other species of fish available too. From the surf, you can catch many of the same species of fish depending on the time of year. Some of the more common fish caught from the surf are whiting, bluefish, black drum, bluefish, redfish and flounder. If you are looking to do some fishing from the piers, you have some options with Bogue Inlet Fishing Pier and Oceana Fishing Pier.