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Best Inshore Fishing Destinations

For the inshore angler, there are many destinations that are perfect for the smaller boats.  Whether it be a bay boat all the way down to a simply kayak or stand up paddle board, these inshore destinations are where it’s at if you want to experience awesome saltwater fishing while staying in relatively calm water.

Best Offshore Fishing Destinations

If you want to catch some big fish, an offshore fishing trip might be what you need.  Whether you want to fish the bottoms for a variety of fish or target the open waters, there are many destinations that provide some awesome saltwater fishing.

Best Shore Fishing Destinations
(Surf, Beach, Pier, Jetty, Bridge)

There are so many great places to fish from shore that you don’t have to get on a boat to enjoy some excellent saltwater fishing.  Timing is key, but location is even more important when fishing from shore.  Seek out some of the destinations that have access to fishing piers, bridges, jetties or just some awesome beaches for surf fishing.  The piers, bridges and jetties that give you access to deeper water will almost always give you better options for catching fish than by staying on the surf.  However, at times, the surf can be flat out awesome too.

Best Largemouth Bass Fishing Destinations

There are so many great places to go and catch largemouth bass, however, many of the lakes aren’t allows the best fishing vacation destinations.  On our map, we put a list together of some of the better vacation destinations that also have some very good fishing for largemouth bass.  In these destinations, you should be able to catch bass and enjoy your time away from work.

Best Smallmouth Bass Fishing Destinations

There has been a smallmouth bass explosion over the last decade or so and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon.  There are so many great places to fish for smallmouth bass.  Take a look to learn more about these awesome destinations.

Best Spotted Bass Fishing Destinations

Spotted bass are not nearly as abundant as largemouth bass and smallmouth bass, but there are plenty of great destinations where you can target spotted bass.

Best Striped Bass Fishing Destinations

If you like fishing for striped bass, you have a lot of options with some great freshwater destinations as well as some awesome saltwater destinations too.  Catch a bunch of them or just target trophy fish.  Either way, we have something for you.

Best White Bass Fishing Destinations

Most people don’t plan a fishing vacation to target white bass, but if you’re looking for some place to go that gives you some awesome action from white bass as a backup plan, these destinations might be perfect for you.

Best Carp Fishing Destinations

Learn about finding some of the best carp destinations.

Best Catfish Fishing Destinations

Catfish can be found in so many rivers, lakes & reservoirs.  Find some of the best vacation destinations for catfish.

Best Crappie Fishing Destinations

Crappie are some of the tastiest fish out there and many people plan trips to target these fish.  Learn about some of the best crappie fishing destinations throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Best Perch Fishing Destinations

Perch can be found in so many different places.  Some of the best vacation destinations give you the opportunity to catch a ton of them with lots of quality perch too.

Best Muskie Fishing Destinations

Muskie are hard enough to catch as it is, so if you are planning a trip just to target muskie, you might want to fish some of the best muskie destinations throughout the United States and Canada.

Best Northern Pike Fishing Destinations

There are so many great places to target northern pike, however, the best places for pike give you a shot at good numbers of them plus trophy pike up to and over 40 inches long.  Every destination won’t provide monster trophy pike, but the best destinations will definitely give you a chance to catch a trophy pike.

Best Walleye Fishing Destinations

More people plan trips for walleye than most other species of fish, especially up north.  Search some of the best walleye destinations to find awesome destinations for catching lots of walleye plus trophy fish too.

Best Trout Fishing Destinations

Some of the best trout destinations are out west or up north, but don’t rule out the Great Lakes as well as some destinations that are found in the south.  There are so many great trout destinations for a variety of different trout.

Best Salmon Fishing Destinations

If you’re looking for great salmon fishing, you’re most likely going to look at the Great Lakes or Alaska.  That covers most of the best destinations, but there are some other places out west that offer anglers some excellent salmon fishing too.