Canoes are great for fishing.  Anglers have been using them in small waters for a long time.  Smaller rivers, streams, ponds and smaller lakes are perfect for a canoe.


Transporting a canoe can be done easily.

Great for small waters.

Easy to fish from.

Room for storage.


Can be unstable depending how you move in it or stand in it.  You need to learn how you can move in the canoe without tipping it.  Sounds kind of silly, but if you’re in a canoe and you get a big fish on, you will understand how some of the movements that you might do in a bigger boat or a rowboat can be quite dangerous in a canoe.

Some of them have some decent weight to them, making it harder for some people to use on their own.

Our Recommendations

Small Lakes

Canoes are perfect for smaller lakes.  As long as you can transport it and get it to where you want to be, fishing should be fairly simple.  Heavier winds will make it harder, but for the most part, canoes are great for smaller lakes.

Small Rivers

Smaller rivers are fine for canoes.  You can handle some rapids, but ideally, it would be nice to be on a river without rapids so you don’t have to worry about these potentially dangerous spots on the river.  The river will take you downstream, so all you really need to do is know how to position yourself so you can fish the more productive water.  For some of the better spots, you will be better off getting out of the canoe and fishing it from shore.


Streams are similar to smaller rivers, but smaller.  Streams will usually have plenty of smaller rapids areas on them, but they usually won’t be dangerous at all.  For many of them though, you will most likely have to get out of the canoe and walk it down past the rapids areas.  The reason for this is that they will be too shallow to float over them.  The smaller streams can provide good fishing for trout and smallmouth bass.


Canoes are perfect for ponds.  You can fish a pond thoroughly and pretty quickly with access to a canoe.  If you want to put more fish in the boat, try pond hopping some of the ponds that are harder to get to.  Catch a bunch of fish and go to the next pond.

Popular Brands

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