Float Tubes


They are light.

Great for small waters.

Fairly easy to fish from these.


Lack of storage.

You can literally pop your boat.  It probably won’t happen, but it could.

You are in the water.  This could be nice and relaxing in warm water, but you are in the water.

Our Recommendations

Fish When It’s Warmer

Because you are going to be in the water, these are better for when it’s warmer out.  On a warm summer day, this can be a great way to get on the water and catch some fish.  In colder water, it can be brutal after a little while.

Smaller Waters That Aren’t Hard to Get Into

The big advantage of smaller boats is to get them into areas that other anglers have a hard time accessing.  However, if the float tubes, there is always a possibility of popping or ripping a hole in your boat, so we recommend staying away from the areas that can make your day a disastrous one.  This is just our recommendation, so do what you gotta do, however, the smaller waters that are a little more accessible are also safer for taking the float tubes.

Popular Brands

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