Braided Fishing Line

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Braided line is excellent line.  It’s strong with no stretch and it has a smaller diameter than monofilament or fluorocarbon line of the same strength.  Because of this, many anglers get away with throwing their favorite spinning tackle over a baitcaster rod and reel because they can get plenty of heavy line onto a smaller reel.  The biggest disadvantage of braided line is that it is highly visible underneath the water, especially in clear water.  In murky water with fast-moving baits, this may not be a problem.  If you are finesse fishing with slow baits in clear water, the visibility of the braided line will definitely reduce the amount of bites you will get.  Most anglers will add a 3 to 6 foot fluorocarbon leader to the end of the line for a more realistic presentation.

Popular Braided Line Brands


Spider Wire






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