Welcome to our Amelia Island, FL Fishing Home Page

Amelia Island is one of the better Florida vacation destinations for those of you who like being out around the water.  There are beautiful beaches, so many parks and so many areas to enjoy the water whether it be on the shore, in a small boat, canoe or kayak or out in a big boat to enjoy the boating and fishing in this area.  There are plenty of amenities also to help make your trip a memorable one.

The Fish of Amelia Island

Amelia Island is home to so many different fish.  Redfish, trout, flounder, sheepshead and black drum are the species most anglers target here throughout the year, but during the warmer months, you have so many more fish to catch.

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Amelia Island Fishing Calendar

Amelia Island has good weather throughout the year, however, some of the cold fronts during the winter months may be uncomfortable for most anglers.  You can definitely catch fish here year round.

Take a look at our Amelia Island fishing calendar to see the average temperatures by month and what species are throughout the different fishing seasons.

Amelia Island Boat Launches

Take a look at our Amelia Island Boat Launches page to find a place to get your boat on the water.

Amelia Island Inshore Fishing

Amelia Island has some awesome inshore fishing available. This area has tons of backwater to fish with the rivers and creeks. The inlets offer some very good fishing also during the tidal changes.  Some of the popular fish to catch inshore are redfish, sea trout, sheepshead, flounder and tarpon. However, there are so many more fish that you can catch here.

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Amelia Island Nearshore Fishing

For anglers that like to run the beaches, you have a variety of fish to target here depending on the season.  Redfish, trout and black drum can be found year round with warmer weather in the late spring and summer bringing in more species of fish such as cobia, tarpon, sharks and jacks.

Amelia Island Deep Sea / Offshore Fishing

Amelia Island is known more for its inshore fishing, but there is some excellent offshore fishing in the offshore waters near Amelia Island. There are some deep sea fishing charters that operate in this area that should be available to take you out on a fishing trip.  The target species will vary depending on the seasons, but some of the fish that are targeted here offshore are grouper, snapper, cobia, king mackerel, amberjack, sharks, mahi mahi, tuna, billfish, wahoo and more.

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Amelia Island Shore Fishing

Anglers fish this area from the surf and from a popular bridge called the George Crady Bridge.  You have lots of options with the state parks here.  Fish the inlets, the rivers or the Atlantic Ocean.

Learn about the best spots to fish here from shore.

Amelia Island Small Boat Fishing

If you are coming here to fish in a smaller watercraft such as a canoe, kayak or inflatable, check out our Amelia Island Small Boat Fishing page to see the best spots to get your watercraft on the water.