Welcome to our Lake Fork Fishing Home Page

Lake Fork is 27,690 surface acres and it is located in Wood and Rains County of northeast Texas.  With 315 miles of shoreline, there is plenty of water to fish.  Lake Fork has gained the reputation of being one of the best, if not the best bass lake in the country.  There are so many huge bass caught here every year that many of the fishing guides consider 5 pound bass “dinks.”  Of the top 20 State Record Largemouth Bass of Texas, the majority of them were caught from Lake Fork.  Fishing is also excellent for crappie and catfish, however, most anglers do not even think about fishing for these species.  This lake is a remarkable lake, but you may need a fishing guide to get you started.  It is a big lake with tons of wood that sits above the surface, but learning the underwater structure is key to landing some of the monster bass that live here.

Primary Species of Fish

Largemouth Bass, Crappie & Catfish

The fishing can be excellent on Lake Fork for so many species of fish.  Most people come here for the awesome bass fishing.  You may catch lots of bass with some very big bass possible too.  Fish up to and over 10 pounds are caught here every year.  Yellow bass are here in huge numbers, so don’t be shocked when you catch some of them here.  The crappie fishing can be very good as well, however, many anglers don’t ever fish for them.  Catfish are also here in good numbers with some very big catfish reported here every year.

Secondary Species of Fish

White Bass, Yellow Bass & Bluegill

These fish may be secondary species of fish, but not because there aren’t a lot of them in the lake.  It is because most anglers don’t fish for them.  The white bass, yellow bass and bluegill fishing is very good, especially when you can find them schooled up in deeper water.

Catch Big Bass

Lake Fork is a big bass factory.  It has been one of the most consistent lakes in the country for producing largemouth bass in the 7 to 9 pound range and even bigger with lots of 10 pound plus bass being reported here every year.  It may not always be easy to get a monster here, but if you put in the time, it definitely possible to catch a big bass over 7 pounds.  Many anglers will come here and book a fishing guide for 2 to 3 days to give them a better chance at a big fish.

Awesome Multi-Species Fishery

Lake Fork is known for its largemouth bass fishing, however, if you want to catch a lot of fish, you can totally do that here.  Anglers can catch good numbers of crappie, yellow bass and even catfish too to go along with largemouth bass.  It is not just a numbers fishery either.  You can catch some really good-sized yellow bass, crappie and catfish.  It’s just a big fish lake.

Fish the Bridges

There are several bridges on Lake Fork and these pieces of structure can provide some excellent fishing for a variety of fish.  The bridges with some deeper water will hold fish from summer through winter.  Anglers usually target crappie and yellow bass around the bridges, but some very big largemouth bass and catfish can be found mixed in too.

Fish the Creeks

There are a lot of creek arms on Lake Fork.  Some are rather large areas to fish while some are fairly small.  The creeks are usually best in the spring and fall.  In the spring, you can find some absolute giants all over the creek arms as they prepare for the spawn.  There is a lot of wood in the lake and a good amount of vegetation as well.  Find the vegetation and you’ll find some bass.  The wood will also hold bass and other fish too.

Fish the Main Lake

In the summer, fall and through the winter, anglers fish the ledges for schools of quality fish.  The summer and winter months usually have the biggest numbers of fish out on the main lake in deeper water, but at the end of fall, they start to stack up out deep as well.  You also have many main lake points and plenty of wood to fish on Lake Fork.  The anglers that know how to structure fish will usually be the ones to consistently find better numbers of big bass when fishing here out on the main lake.

Fish the Points

There are a lot of points and secondary points on Lake Fork.  The points that have access to deeper water as well as cover such as wood and vegetation will usually hold better numbers of all species of fish, especially bass.

Fish the Weeds

There is a decent amount of vegetation in the lake and largemouth bass love the weeds.  If you can find some areas with vegetation and access to deeper water nearby, these are great places to target quality bass.  Weeds hold plenty of baitfish, so don’t be shocked to find other species of fish here too.

Fish the Wood

This lake has so much standing timber that it can be ridiculously dangerous if you aren’t super careful.  One of the big problems with all the standing timber is that it all looks good, so first timers to the lake may have a real hard time figuring out where to start fishing.  If you plan on fishing wood, try to to find areas that have another variable that can make a specific spot stand out.  For example, you may find more fish up on the flat in shallower water in the spring, while some deeper wood may be more productive in the summer heat.  Some areas will have a combination of some weeds and wood.  Mix in some deeper water nearby and you might be onto something.  On your first visit to this lake, you will be shocked at how much timber is in the lake.  By finding these smaller spots within the spot, you can have a much more successful trip on the water here.