Welcome to our Lake Fork Fishing Home Page

Lake Fork is 27,690 surface acres and it is located in Wood and Rains County of northeast Texas.  With 315 miles of shoreline, there is plenty of water to fish.  Lake Fork has gained the reputation of being one of the best, if not the best bass lake in the country.  There are so many huge bass caught here every year that many of the fishing guides consider 5 pound bass “dinks.”  Of the top 20 State Record Largemouth Bass of Texas, the majority of them were caught from Lake Fork.  Fishing is also excellent for crappie and catfish, however, most anglers do not even think about fishing for these species.  This lake is a remarkable lake, but you may need a fishing guide to get you started.  It is a big lake with tons of wood that sits above the surface, but learning the underwater structure is key to landing some of the monster bass that live here.

Primary Species of Fish

Largemouth Bass, Crappie & Catfish

The fishing can be excellent on Lake Fork for so many species of fish.  Most people come here for the awesome bass fishing.  You may catch lots of bass with some very big bass possible too.  Fish up to and over 10 pounds are caught here every year.  Yellow bass are here in huge numbers, so don’t be shocked when you catch some of them here.  The crappie fishing can be very good as well, however, many anglers don’t ever fish for them.  Catfish are also here in good numbers with some very big catfish reported here every year.

Secondary Species of Fish

White Bass, Yellow Bass & Bluegill

These fish may be secondary species of fish, but not because there aren’t a lot of them in the lake.  It is because most anglers don’t fish for them.  The white bass, yellow bass and bluegill fishing is very good, especially when you can find them schooled up in deeper water.