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Canada is home to some of the best fishing for northern pike, walleye, smallmouth bass, lake trout, muskie, perch, crappie, salmon, trout and other fish too.  There are so many destinations to visit and the fishing can be flat out awesome here.  Before you go, know the current Border Crossing information so you can get over the border with no problems.

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Alberta, Canada has some excellent fishing opportunities.  This area is pretty remote, so if you are looking for some awesome fishing destinations without the crowds, this would be a good part of Canada to plan a fishing trip to.  Walleye, northern pike and lake trout are king in this region.  Take a look below to start your trip planning.

British Columbia

British Columbia is Canada’s westernmost province.  It is defined by its Pacific coastline and mountain ranges.  This province is beautiful and there are plenty of awesome fishing destinations in British Columbia.  The coastal waters are popular and there are some incredible inland rivers and streams to fish as well.  Salmon, trout and sturgeon are some of the more sought after species of fish in this province.


Manitoba is remote and a farther drive for most people looking to go to Canada, however, there are some awesome places to fish in Manitoba.  You aren’t going to find as many lakes or areas that are super popular like you will in Ontario, so we just listed the resorts and lodges as well as guide services in alphabetical order.  There is a little bit of everything in Manitoba, but most people come here for the awesome northern pike, walleye and lake trout fisheries.

New Brunswick

New Brunswick is a beautiful province of Canada and it offers a lot of awesome fishing opportunities for anglers.  This province is known for its oceanside retreats, beautiful coastline, the world’s highest tides and miles of hiking trails to go explore.  Anglers fish for a variety of species in this province including salmon, a variety of trout, muskie, northern pike, smallmouth bass, striped bass and more.  You won’t find walleye in this province, but the salmon and striped bass fishing makes up for it here.

Newfoundland / Labrador

Newfoundland & Labrador is definitely an outstanding fishing vacation destination if you are looking for a remote wilderness trip.  Many of the fishing resorts will require some flying to get to the destination.  Because there aren’t too many resorts and lodges in this part of the country, we have 1 list of outfitters and fishing resorts.  Take a look below to start planning your trip.

Northwest Territories

The Northwest Territories are very remote, so plan on some driving, some flying or maybe even a boat ride mixed in as well to get to your destination.  You may have to do one, two or all 3 modes of transportation to get to your resort.  The fishing is worth it if you plan a trip here.  There is some world class fishing for northern pike, walleye, lake trout and some other cold water species too.

Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia is Canada’s largest exporter of fish and seafood.  Beyond that, the recreational fishery can be amazing as well.  For saltwater enthusiasts, ocean fishing is popular for cod, haddock, mackerel, pollock, sharks and giant bluefin tuna.  There is also some excellent river fishing for salmon and trout.  Inland, there are so many lakes to target a variety of fish including smallmouth bass, chain pickerel, striped bass, northern pike and perch.


The fishing is awesome here and there are plenty of places to stay whether you want to have more services in popular areas or want to get away from it all.  This part of Canada has it all.

Lake of the Woods Region

Lake of the Woods is a gigantic lake that has several awesome sections of the lake that serve as their own featured destination.  Walleye, smallmouth bass, northern pike and muskie make this lake popular, but you can also catch crappie, perch and largemouth bass too.  Head just north of Kenora and you will find a bunch of other awesome lakes in Minaki, Ontario.

LOTW Kenora | LOTW Morson | LOTW Nestor Falls | LOTW Sioux Narrows | Minaki

Rainy River Region

The Rainy River Region is home to some excellent fishing and you don’t have to go too far across the border to get to these waters.  Rainy Lake and the Rainy River are right at the border and they both offer excellent fishing opportunities.  The Rainy River is better in the spring and fall, while Rainy Lake is good during the entire fishing season.  Atikokan is one of the better smallmouth bass destinations in Ontario and there are a lot of smaller waters here to fish, so you don’t need a fancy boat to catch nice fish here.  The Clearwater-Pipestone Chain of Lakes is another awesome fishery in this region.

AtikokanClearwater – Pipestone Chain of LakesRainy LakeRainy River

Patricia Region

The Patricia Region is home to some outstanding fishing for a variety of fish such as walleye, northern pike, muskie, smallmouth bass and more.  Lac Seul is one of the most popular drive-to lakes for walleye fishing and the pike fishing is good there too.  The Red Lake chain is another great fishery with excellent numbers of walleye and pike.  Sioux Lookout can hold its own with any of the other featured destinations in this area.  There are many other excellent fishing destinations in this area as well.  Take a look below to learn more.

Near Detroit

Head towards Detroit if you want to fish one of the best lakes in the midwest.  Lake St. Clair is an amazing fishery for smallmouth bass and muskie with other species of fish available too.  Pelee Island is an awesome destination for smallmouth bass and big walleye.  Whether you come from Ontario or Sandusky, Ohio to reach Pelee Island, you’re going to be glad you made the visit once you arrive.  The fishing is outstanding during the summer around the island.

Fairly Close to Toronto

Within a couple of hours from Toronto, anglers have many options for planning an awesome fishing vacation.  You can target huge walleye and smallmouth bass in this region with some excellent largemouth bass fishing, northern pike, muskie and panfish too.

Superior Country

Superior Country is another awesome area to visit in Ontario.  Lake Nipigon is more remote while Thunder Bay is a popular city on Lake Superior.  Greenstone, Ontario is somewhere in between the two destinations, so you get a little bit of everything if you visit this area.  Plan on having good opportunities to fish for walleye, pike, smallmouth bass, salmon, trout and more.

Northeastern Ontario

Northeastern Ontario provides some excellent fishing for a variety of fish species.  Depending on where you go, you may end up catching largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, walleye, northern pike, muskie, panfish and more.

Georgian Bay Area

Georgian Bay is a huge area with some amazing fishing opportunities.  Walleye, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, northern pike, muskie and panfish will keep anglers busy throughout this region.

Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island is a province of Canada.  Located in Easter Canada near New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, this large island is known for its red sand beaches, lighthouses and its excellent seafood.  If you enjoy fishing saltwater, you have a lot of fishing opportunities here.  There are plenty of fishing charters available throughout the island and most of them will be fishing for cod, haddock, mackerel, pollock, sharks and giant bluefin tuna.


Quebec is not known as one of the more popular provinces in Canada for planning fishing trips, however, there are plenty of people here who run fishing resorts and lodges.  The fishing can be very good here for a variety of fish, so if you’re looking to plan a trip to Quebec, the perfect resort or lodge for you may be just below.


Saskatchewan has some awesome fishing resorts with fantastic fishing opportunities for huge northern pike, walleye, trout and more.  It is a very remote destination so plan on doing a little bit of everything to get here.  You may have to drive, then do some flying, then maybe some more driving or even a boat ride into your resort.  Once you are here, you will be happy you did it because the fishing is world class in Saskatchewan.