Streams may provide some good fishing, but many of them will just hold smaller fish.  In some of the better fly fishing destinations, the streams will hold good numbers of trout with some quality fish too.  Many of the streams that do not have trout will usually hold mostly smaller fish.  These can smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, panfish, catfish, northern pike and even muskie.

Let’s take a look at some of the streams that are worth fishing.

Fly Fishing Destinations

Trout don’t need a ton of deep water to thrive in the streams are found in some of the colder climates.  Some of the best fly fishing destinations will have streams with cool water and on many of them, you aren’t going to find tons of deep water, but you will find plenty of oxygen, consistent currents and cool water.

Streams Up North or in the Mountains

This touches on what was said above.  The cooler water allows the streams to hold better populations of fish.  These will be cold water species of fish though.

Streams That Feed Into a Lake or Flow Out of a Lake

These streams can be very productive, but may be seasonal or situational.  For example, some streams that flow into lakes up north can be awesome in the spring as suckers move into these streams to spawn.  Big northern pike and walleye will move into these streams to follow the suckers.  These places won’t be common on most bodies of water either, but if you do come across one of these places to fish and it’s the spring time, you may want to check out these spots.  Another situation could be when you get a lot of rain and the waters are high.  This will bring water levels up and when water flows out of the lake, you may find a stream with some decent depth and some fish may have come into this current area and gotten swept downstream or may have just gone downstream in search of food.  Either way, you may find some quality fish in these streams just after huge rains.

Small Streams That Flow Into or Out of Rivers

Some streams flow into or out of bigger rivers and depending on the stream, it may get a good amount of fish that moves into it in the spring when there are higher waters and cooler water temperatures.  These feeder streams will warm up quicker and on many of them, you may be able to find fish moving into these streams to spawn.  It could be walleye, pike, bass or other fish.

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