Carolina Rig

The Carolina rig is one of the most popular rigs for fishing deeper.  You have so many options with this rig because you can use just about any lure and have success with a Carolina rig.

This rig consists of a main line with a heavy sinker, bead, then swivel. The swivel has a leader (1-6ft) to which the hook is tied.

Live Bait

This rig is often used for fishing with live bait as well.  Worms, leeches, minnows and all other bait fish will work well on a Carolina rig.

Soft Plastics

You can use any soft plastic on a Carolina rig.  Some baits look better than others, but they will all work with this rig.

Hard Baits

There are many different hard baits that can be used on a Carolina rig.  The big advantage of this is to use lures that normally are used in shallow to medium depth ranges and now take them down into much deeper water.  For example, you can easily use a lipless crankbait, inline spinner or some other great shallow water lures on a Carolina rig and fish it 25 to 30 feet deep.  Crankbaits, spinners, blade baits, spoons and many other hard baits will work on a Carolina rig.

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