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The Colorado River impounded behind Glen Canyon Dam near Page, Arizona forms Lake Powell.  This lake is over 570 feet deep when filled to capacity.  Part of Lake Powell is in Arizona and the bigger portion of the lake is in Utah.  Since Lake Powell occupies two states, make sure you know the fishing regulations of the state that you are going to be fishing.  Lake Powell is known as a popular houseboating destination.

Learn About the Fish

Primary Species of Fish
Striped Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Largemouth Bass

Anglers target a variety of different species here, although, striped bass are king on this lake.  This lake is a great numbers lake for striped bass and some big stripers are here too. If you’re looking for action, it’s a great lake to fish.  Largemouth bass are present in good numbers on Lake Powell.  Anglers can expect to catch some striped bass while fishing for largemouth bass.  Expect to find plenty of largemouth bass in deeper water though because this lake is so deep.  Fish the shoreline cover and structure and you’ll find some largemouth bass here.  Lake Powell has good numbers of smallmouth bass with some big fish mixed in too.  The deep water is a good fit for smallmouth bass.  Fish the rocky shorelines and drop-offs and you’ll find plenty of smallies in this lake.

Secondary Species of Fish
Walleye, Catfish, Crappie, Bluegill

Walleye are available here in catchable numbers.  Working the bottom in 25 to 35 feet of water will usually be key to catching walleye.  The nice thing about walleye fishing on Lake Powell is that you’ll usually catch some other types of fish while targeting them.  Catfish are available in Lake Powell.  They aren’t targeted by most anglers, but they are here in catchable numbers if you want to fish for them.  Some big channel catfish are in the lake so don’t be surprised if you run into some fish that weigh into the double digits.  The lake record is over 20 pounds.  Crappie, bluegill and other types of sunfish are available in Lake Powell.  For anglers that target these panfish, they can find some good fishing here with some bigger, cleanable fish available too.