Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing

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Fly fishing is a popular method of angling that is primarily used for salmon and trout.  Casting the nearly weightless lure requires a special fishing line, an especially long rod and a great deal of experience before you can truly enjoy the art of fly fishing.  If you put in the time to become experienced with a fly fishing rod, you may get the chance to catch a variety of freshwater and saltwater fish such as northern pike, panfish, bass, carp, tarpon, bonefish, snook, redfish and more.

Best Destinations

We have the best fly fishing destinations listed here.

Fly Fishing Resources

Fly Fishing Basics Flies
The Connection: Fly Reel to the Fly Caddisflies
Fly Rod Lengths, Fly Rod Weights & Action Dry Flies
Fly Line Weights Egg Flies
Hair Bugs
Fly Casting Tips Hellgrammite Flies
Curve Casting Midges
False Casting Nymphs
Hauling Single Egg Patterns
Mending Line Stoneflies
Reach Casting Streamers
Roll Casting Wet Flies
“S” Curves Woolly Bugger
Shooting Line
Standard Fly Casting
Popular Fish Caught Fly Fishing Popular Fly Fishing Terms
Bluegill Adam’s Special
Brook Trout Attractor Patterns
Brown Trout Arbor
Chinook Salmon Clouser Minnow
Coho Salmon Centrepin Reel
Largemouth Bass Double Tapered Fly Line
Northern Pike Floating Line
Rainbow Trout Floatant
Smallmouth Bass Hackle
Steelhead Single Action
Sinking Line
Saltwater Sinking-Tip Line
Sinking Tips
Barracuda Stripping Guide
Sea Trout
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