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Baitcaster rods and reels are the most common rods and reels that are used among most tournament bass fishermen.  The reel is actually mounted to the top of the rod and this makes pitching and flipping a lot easier than with a spinning rod.  It is more common to use them for largemouth bass than smallmouth bass, but you will find plenty of anglers using them for largemouth, smallmouth, spotted bass and more.  The baitcaster rods and reels are also the top choice among many northern pike and muskie anglers.  The reels are made to handle the heavier line that is required to cast heavier lures such as spoons, big crankbaits and big swimbaits.

line-3Budget Rods & Reels

Most baitcasters will cost more than your average spinning reel, so don’t expect to find a quality baitcaster on the cheap very often.  You may find an awesome deal every once in a while, but if you’re looking to pick up a quality setup on the cheap, plan on spending up to $100 very easily.  Take a look at some of the companies that offer budget-friendly baitcaster rods and reels.

abu-garciaAbu Garcia has a nice line of baitcaster rods and reels.  The Abu Garcia Max and the Abu Garcia Pro Max give anglers a budgeted option.  You can find a lot of quality and higher end reels from Abu Garcia as well.

daiwaDaiwa has a huge line of fishing reels and you can find plenty of baitcaster reels from them.  Last we checked, they had at least 3 models that were a nice fit for the budget-conscience anglers.  Take a look at their line of reels to find something that may work for you.

lewsLews has a few options if you’re looking to stay under $100.  They do have some nicer models too.  If you’re looking for a rod, they do have rods and baitcaster combos for you.

pfluegerPflueger is known for having a very good selection of low end to high end reels.  They have several options for baitcasters and some of the lowest pricing on a baitcaster reel or rod/reel combo.  Many anglers get started off with a lower end Pflueger baitcaster combo to get their feet wet with using a baitcaster.  Take a look at the Pflueger EchelonPflueger Trion and the Pflueger Purist if you’re looking to save some money.

quantumQuantum has a nice line of reels too.  Last we checked, there are 2 models to look at if you’re trying to stay under $100.  The Quantum Team KVD is a solid baitcaster for getting started with using baitcasters.  The Quantum PULSE is one of the lower-priced models you’re going to find on the market today.

shimanoShimano has some of the nicest fishing reels on the market.  Combine it with a baitcaster rod or just pick up a reel.  Either way, this company does a good designing their fishing tackle.  The Shimano Caius and Shimano Caenan are their lower end baitcaster reels. They both get the job done and won’t break the bank to do it.

line-3Higher End Rods & Reels

Shimano is tough to beat when looking for higher end baitcasting reels.  They have a lot of options and some flat out amazing reels.  They can get expensive, but you get what you pay for.  If you’re looking for a high end reel that you plan on keeping for many years, Shimano is a great company to look at.  Quantum and Pflueger won’t give you as many options when looking for the higher end reels, but their top end reel will get the job done and won’t break the bank.  Lews and Daiwa both have some nice options.  Abu Garcia has a nice top end baitcaster reel.

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