Alberta, Canada has some excellent fishing opportunities.  This area is pretty remote, so if you are looking for some awesome fishing destinations without the crowds, this would be a good part of Canada to plan a fishing trip to.  Walleye, northern pike and lake trout are king in this region.

Fishing Alberta’s Rocky Mountains

Fishing Alberta’s Rocky Mountains

The Canadian Rockies are a sight to see and in Alberta, you have some great options for planning an awesome mountain vacation.  This part of Alberta has some incredible places to go sight-seeing and there is some awesome fishing here as well.  Whether you choose to fish a mountain lake or the miles of rivers and streams, anglers have a lot of options to target a variety of trout species.

Fishing Calgary, Alberta

Calgary Fishing

Calgary is a good-sized city with numerous skyscrapers and all the amenities that you would expect in a city.  Whether you want to enjoy the city’s sports events, excellent restaurants, numerous attractions, the nightlife or the awesome outdoor recreational opportunities, there is plenty for you to do here.

Fishing Edmonton, Alberta

Edmonton Fishing

Edmonton is the capital city of Alberta.  It is situated on the North Saskatchewan River and it is the center of the Edmonton Metropolitan Region.  Edmonton is a vibrant city in the middle of the wilderness, so you get many of the amenities of city life with some awesome outdoor opportunities.  Whether you just want to go sight-seeing, boating or fishing, there is plenty to do here.  Anglers fish a variety of lakes near Edmonton for northern pike, walleye, sturgeon and trout.

Fishing Alberta’s Lakeland Region

Fishing Alberta's Lakelands Region

In this part of Alberta, you’re going to find small towns with lots of lakes and the Athabasca River which provide excellent outdoor recreation in an uncrowded area.  There are enough accommodations throughout this area to make it a comfortable vacation destination for you.  Anglers enjoy fishing so many lakes with little fishing pressure.  Walleye, northern pike, trout and more can be caught in the area waters.