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Cave Run Lake is a beautiful lake that covers 8,270 acres.  It is located in the beautiful mountains of eastern Kentucky just south of Morehead and about 60 miles east of Lexington.

Learn About the Fish

Primary Species of Fish
Largemouth Bass & Muskie

Cave Run Lake is known for its good muskie fishery in the south.  You don’t have too many places where you can fish for Muskie in the south, so the muskie fishery definitely helps put Cave Run Lake on the map.  The largemouth bass fishery is solid too.  Anglers can definitely target them and expect to catch fish.  Some big fish are here too.

Secondary Species of Fish
Smallmouth Bass, Spotted Bass, Striped Bass, White Bass, Crappie, Catfish & Bluegill

For most anglers, the muskie fishery overshadows just about everything else on Cave Run Lake.  There are some other species of fish to target here though.  Anglers may catch smallmouth bass, spotted bass, crappie, white bass, striped bass, catfish and bluegill.