Row Boats

Row boats can be awesome for fishing smaller waters.  A well built aluminum row boat will give you so many options for fishing small waters.


Transporting these can be very easy if you set up the top of your vehicle correctly and will have a second person with you.

Great for small waters.

Great to fish from.

Ability to use trolling motors or bigger motors.


Could be hard to transport by yourself.

Our Recommendations

Small Lakes

Rowboats are great for small lakes and you can decide to go lighter or heavier based on the lake.  If it’s a tough to get into a lake and it requires more walking than you really want to do, then you may be better off just going with oars.  If you don’t have a far walk and you want to bring a marine battery, trolling motor and even a bigger gas motor, you can do this as well and cover a lot more water.  Rowboats are just awesome for giving an angler options.


A simple rowboat an oars can work awesome in ponds.  Add a trolling motor and a marine battery and you can cover more water quickly.  It’s one of the best small boat options for fishing a pond.

Small Rivers

Because you can setup trolling motors and bigger motors on a rowboat, you can cover water upstream on a river as well as downstream.  With the other small boats, you won’t be able to go downstream, which means you have to put in at one point and have someone pick you up downstream later in the day.  This is a huge advantage for fishing in smaller rivers.


In streams, it’s similar to smaller rivers except that you will most likely run into some spots that are too shallow to use your trolling motor to get by them.  So, you will have to get out of the rowboat and carry it or drag it beyond the shallow spot into deeper water again.  This isn’t too hard to do with 2 people.  By being able to go upstream, you get to fish a lot of areas on the streams and you don’t need someone else to pick you up at the end of the day.

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