Split Shot Rig

The Split Shot Rig is a very popular live bait rig that works for so many different types of live and cut bait.  Anglers also use this rig a lot with soft plastics such as plastic worms, minnows, lizards and more.  It is a simple rig that consists of a split shot as the weight and the hook.

Many creature baits look great on a split shot rig.  Just work these baits along slowly or use a more aggressive jerkbait retrieve and you’ll catch plenty of bass and pike in the shallows.

A soft plastic lizard on a split shot rig is an awesome way to fish for largemouth bass in the shallows.  You will catch other fish too, but this is one of best ways to target nice largemouth bass when they are shallow.

A well place soft minnow bait on a split shot rig can be one of the more effective ways to target bass and other fish when they are in the shallows.

There are better rigs for twin tail grubs, however, the split shot rig is really effective with the skirted twin tail grubs, especially the spider parts by Cabin Creek Bait Company.

Many curly tail worms look very good on a split shot rig.  Some of the big 8 to 12 inch worms can be super effective in the shallows with just a little additional weight and that’s what this rig will do.

Many anglers throw a finesse worm with just a little bit of weight on a split shot rig.  It’s very effective for fishing shallow water for largemouth bass, smallmouth bass and even big panfish.

Floating worms are great and when you need a bait to fall slowly through the water column a split shot rig will do the trick.  Just a little bit of weight from the hook and split shot weight will help get these baits down, but since these worms are floating worms, the rate at which they fall will be much slower than if you used a similar sized worm that isn’t a floating worm.  When bass are feeding higher up in the water column, this technique can be very effective.

Paddle tail worms also look good on a split shot rig.  Work them slowly or with a more aggressive jerkbait retrieve.  Both techniques work.

Ringworms can be awesome shallow water baits when fished on a split shot rig.  You will catch bass, panfish and many other types of fish with this technique.

By adding just a little bit of weight, you can get your wacky worm to fall just a little bit faster.  The split shot rig is a good rig for accomplishing this.  When fishing the 4 to 10 foot depth range, this rig is very effective for largemouth bass and smallmouth bass.

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