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Hyde-A-Way Bay Resort – We are a true family fishing resort.  Our cabins are clean and comfortable for mom’s comfort and kids can fish right off the dock and catch sunfish all summer long.  Dad can do some serious fishing on his own boat or rent one from us.  Come enjoy the lake country of Minnesota!  facebookicon 

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Use the map below to select a state (U.S.) or province (Canada).  If you don’t want to use the map, click on one of the text links below to find a destination.

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Fishing Rigs & Techniques  

slip bobber rig setupIn this section, we have information with pictures and videos showing you how to set up a variety of different fishing rigs.  Learn more about the popular fishing rigs that anglers are using to catch more fish.


Most Popular:  Texas Rig, Florida Rig, Drop Shot Rig, Carolina Rig, Wacky Rig, Slip Bobber

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Casting Techniques  

chuck and wind fishing retrieveLearn how to cast your bait exactly where you want it to go by watching our casting videos. From flipping to skipping, we have some great videos to help you present your bait more accurately to catch more fish.


Most Popular:  Underhand Casting, Skip Casting, Sidearm Casting

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Fishing Tackle & Equipment  

Visit our fishing tackle section to learn about the latest tackle that anglers are using to catch more fish.

Most Popular:  Soft Baits, Crankbaits, Topwater Lures

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Fishing With Live Bait  

Even with all of the latest innovations in the fishing industry, live bait is still the best way to catch fish on a consistent basis.  Learn more about the popular types of live bait for freshwater and saltwater fishing.

Visit our Live Bait Fishing section.


Freshwater Fishing  

Learn more about freshwater fishing.  Below, you can click on some of the most popular fish to go to those specific sections.

Visit our Freshwater Fishing section for more information.


Saltwater Fishing

Learn more about saltwater fishing.  Below, you can click on some of the most popular types of saltwater fish to go to those specific sections.  Whether you are looking to learn more about fishing inshore, nearshore, offshore, from the surf, piers or jetties, we can help you learn more about saltwater fishing.

Visit our Saltwater Fishing section for more information.


Fly Fishing

Our fly fishing section has tons of tips for fly casting, popular flies and information on how to catch some of the popular fish that anglers like to target on the fly.

Most Popular:  Fly Casting Tips, Flies

Visit our Fly Fishing section.


Kayak Fishing

Kayak fishing is gaining in popularity for a variety of fish.  Anglers fish small ponds, lakes and even in saltwater off the beaches and in the bays & backwaters.

Visit our Kayak Fishing section.


Ice Fishing

Many anglers enjoy ice fishing during the winter.  Safety has to be your first priority when on the ice.  In our ice fishing section, we have some safety tips to go along with other fishing tips for catching a variety of different fish through the ice.

Visit our Ice Fishing section.


Where to Fish

Find a place to fish in the U.S. and in Canada.  Click here.