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Marcell, Minnesota is located in northern Minnesota in an area called the Edge of the Wilderness.  This area has several resorts and some spectacular fishing on many different lakes.  It’s a beautiful area and you won’t find the crowds in this area.

Primary Species of Fish

Largemouth Bass, Northern Pike & Smallmouth Bass

The area lakes can differ quite a bit as far as what the primary species of fish are in the Marcell, Minnesota area.  However, if you look at this area as a whole, you can find some very good largemouth bass lakes up here.  Northern pike are here as well.  Walleye can be hit or miss, but there are enough good lakes up here for anglers to target them and catch enough for a fish fry on a regular basis.  Smallmouth bass can be hit or miss on many of the lakes, but Big Turtle Lake makes up for the lakes that don’t have good smallmouth bass populations.  This is a very good area for fishing.

Secondary Species of Fish

Muskie, Bluegill, Crappie & Perch

You will find panfish in the area lakes and on some lakes the fishing can be very good for panfish.  Each year can vary based on the lake and the most recent spawns for the panfishing to be good or just ok.  Muskie are here in some of the lakes, but this isn’t considered muskie country by any means.  You can find some fish and maybe even catch a fish or two on your trip and there may even be some good sized muskies caught up here, but they are definitely secondary compared to other species in the Marcell area.

Marcell, MN Fishing Tips

We have plenty of fishing tips in the following sections:

Area Waters

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Marcell, MN Fishing Regulations

Our area waters page will give you links to the specific lakes in the area so you can view their DNR pages directly.