Welcome to our Saginaw Bay Fishing Home Page

Saginaw Bay is a bay within Lake Huron located on the eastern side of Michigan.  It forms the space between Michigan’s Thumb region and the rest of the Lower Peninsula of Michigan.  Saginaw Bay is a large bay covering 1,143 square miles.  It is one of the most popular places to fish for walleye in the United States.

Learn About the Fish

Primary Species of Fish
Walleye, Perch

The walleye and perch fishery here definitely trumps and it’s a very good fishery for both.  Anglers usually go out to target walleye and they catch perch while targeting walleye.  There are plenty of perch here though to target them specifically.

Secondary Species of Fish
Smallmouth Bass, Northern Pike

Smallmouth bass and northern pike are secondary here, but they are here in fishable numbers.  Quality fish are here for both species of fish.  Early in the year, more anglers report good smallmouth bass fishing as these fish will move into the shallows and are much easier to target.  Pike are usually caught while fishing for walleye.  Some big pike up to and above 40 inches are possible here.