Wading is very popular for fishing in rivers and streams, however, there are many situations where you can break out the waders and walk through the shallows to fish.  Whether it’s the surf or backwaters when saltwater fishing, ponds, the back of bays on lakes and any other type of shallow water situation that works, getting in the water with waders will give you a distinct advantage for catching fish in many situations.


Waders are essential for fishing in rivers, streams or any other type of water because they allow the angler to go in the water and stay dry.  Whether you are wading in freshwater, saltwater, ponds, lakes or saltwater such as the surf, backwater and bays, a good pair of waders are essential to keeping you dry and safer in the water.  Picking out the right pair of waders is very important because you will spend a lot of time on the water in them and if it’s an uncomfortable pair, you’re not going to have as much fun while fishing.

Safety Tips for Wading

Polarized Glasses

Polarized Glass are important especially when wading in clear water.  You can see through the water better and examine the bottom to avoid some of the unsafe rocks, deeper water and anything else in the water that you may want to avoid stepping in or on.  In murky water, the polarized glasses won’t help for viewing the bottom, but they still don’t hurt to wear.  Any time you can block the glare of the sun, it makes it safer to wade because you can better see what you’re doing.

Wading Belt

A belt secured around your waist can be a life saver when wading.  If you do fall into the water, you don’t want the water to fill up your waders.  If the water fills up your waders, it can be a life threatening situation depending on where you are wading.  With the belt on, water will still come into your waders, but it will slowly trickle in rather than rush in like it would without a belt around your waist.

Wading Staff

Get a staff, cane or some type of stick that you can use to give you a 3rd leg in the water.  In most wading situations you won’t need it, but if you’re going to be in some situations where it’s tough to wade, it’s a nice thing to have for when you need it.

Stay Sideways

When in the rivers, you’ll notice that you will be a lot more sturdy by setting yourself up sideways in the river.  One foot will be upstream and the other will be downstream.

Water Bottle

Stay hydrated.  You don’t want to get dizzy while wading in a river with some decent current running.  Also, if you’re wading in saltwater, it may be the heat of the summer. Dehydration is your enemy and if you can keep a water bottle on you, it’s easy to stay hydrated.

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