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Southwest Alaska is home to a few destinations that we cover in our featured fishing destinations.  DillinghamUnalaska / Port of Dutch Harbor and Kodiak Island make up this region.  Visitors come to see wildlife such as bears, the active volcanoes and so much more.

Southwest Alaska offers its visitors some tremendous fishing opportunities.  Whether you plan on visiting the Alaska Peninsula, Kodiak Island, Bristol Bay or the Aleutian Islands, you should be able to find accommodations and fishing charters to help you on your adventure.  Fish for five species of Pacific salmon, rainbow trout, grayling, rockfish, sea bass, halibut and northern pike.

Saltwater Fishing

Fish the open water with charters for 5 species of Pacific salmon, rockfish, sea bass and halibut.  You can fish the open waters in all 3 locations in southwest Alaska.

Dillingham | Kodiak Island | Unalaska/Port of Dutch Harbor

River Fishing

The Nushagak River in Dillingham, Alaska, is famous for its world class salmon fishing.  Anglers fish for 5 species of Pacific salmon and you can also catch rainbow trout, char, northern pike, grayling and dolly varden.

Nushagak River

The Nushagak River is located in southwest Alaska. It begins in the Alaska Range and flows southwest about 280 miles to Nushagak Bay, an inlet of Bristol Bay, east of Dillingham, Alaska.

People come here from all over the world to fish for a variety of salmon and some other species of fish too.  This river gets major spawning runs of King salmon, but you will find all 5 species of Pacific salmon in this river at some point every year.  Anglers fish in boats here by drifting, anchoring or by pulling their boat onto the shore so they can wade and fish spots a little more productively.  The salmon fishing is unreal here and there are several charters and resorts available to make your trip a successful one.  Anglers also can catch rainbow trout, char, northern pike, grayling and dolly varden.

Wood-Tikchik State Park

This state park is home to a variety of lakes that provide good fishing for a variety of fish such as northern pike, lake trout and other types of trout too.  The park is a sanctuary for many species of fish though, especially the sockeye salmon, which gets good numbers of salmon that migrate into this area to spawn.

You can learn more about the park on the state park website here:  http://dnr.alaska.gov/parks/units/wtc/wtcfishgame.htm