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There are a variety of nets that you will most likely use at some point if you like to go fishing.  Fishing nets can make the difference in landing a trophy fish or going home empty-handed.  They are also great for getting bait out of buckets or catching your own bait out on the water.

Types of Nets

Bait Nets are used for catching bait out of your livewell or bait bucket.  They are small, inexpensive and essential if you are fishing with live bait fish.  Just make sure to buy one with a long enough handle because you don’t want to be touching the water when it is cold outside.


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Cast Nets (Casting nets) are used for catching bait fish in lakes, rivers, creeks, the ocean, etc.  Cast nets are popular for freshwater and saltwater fisherman.  Cast nets are a must for saltwater fishing because you can catch so much bait very quickly if you know where to locate the bait fish and how to throw a cast net.  Cast nets come in different sizes, although 8 to 10 cast nets are probably the most popular.


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Fishing nets or landing nets are used to help land a hooked fish.  Fishing nets can make the difference in landing a trophy fish or going home empty-handed.  When buying a fishing net, there are a couple of things to consider.  You should think about whether or not the actual net is big enough to make netting a fish easy.  Will the pole be long enough to reach out and net a fish?  Does it break down for easy storage?  Is it easy to unfold so you can get it out in time for landing that trophy fish?  These are just a few things to think about before your purchase.


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A seine net is a large fishing net that hangs in the water due to weights along the bottom edge and floats along the top.  Seine nets are usually long flat nets like a fence that are used to encircle a school of fish, with the boat driving around the fish in a circle.  Smaller seine nets are used in ponds, rivers, streams and small lakes.


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Specialty Nets

Muskie Cradle

Muskie Nets

*Note:  The muskie cradle and muskie landing nets are made for big fish.  These are popular among the muskie crowd, but they also work on other big fish such as big northern pike, salmon, catfish and other big freshwater and saltwater fish.

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