Double Hook Drop Shot Rig

Like the drop shot rig, the double hook drop shot rig is very effective for a variety of freshwater and saltwater fish.  The main line is tied to the hook and you want to leave some extra line after you tie the knot so you have room for another hook and some additional line to tie to the sinker.  The key to tying this rig is to make sure that you give yourself plenty of extra line after you tie your first hook.

Most anglers that use the double hook drop shot rig will use live bait such as leeches, nightcrawlers or minnows.  The saltwater crowd will usually use pieces of cut bait such as fish, shrimp and squid.

You can use soft plastics as well.  Soft minnows are popular due to the fact that it gives off more of a schooling look to the rig and minnows are known more for schooling.

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