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Lake Nipissing is an outstanding fishing lake.  It is a huge lake that is very shallow compared to other Canadian walleye lakes.  This lake fishes like two different lakes with the east end being very open with tons of underwater structures.  The west end is much more protected with several bays, tons of islands and so many awesome fishing spots.  Anglers target smallmouth bass, walleye, northern pike, muskie, perch and even largemouth bass here.  It’s a remarkable fishery here with so many options.

Primary Species of Fish

Walleye, Northern Pike & Smallmouth Bass

Lake Nipissing has a lot of walleye, pike and smallmouth bass available to anglers.  You can go out and target these fish and expect to find good numbers of these fish throughout the lake.

Secondary Species of Fish

Largemouth Bass, Muskie, Perch, Sunfish & Whitefish

You can also catch so many other species of fish.  There are plenty of largemouth bass to catch if you target them.  The muskie fishery is good with some very big fish in the lake.  Perch, sunfish and whitefish round out the fishery.

This Lake is Huge

Lake Nipissing is huge, so make sure you come here with the right size boat.

West End of the Lake

This part of the lake gives anglers much more protection, so you can get away with a smaller boat or at least fish more comfortably in your big boat.  With all of the islands and bays, you have so many spots to fish without ever having to go out to the rougher areas of the lake.  The west end of the lake also gets a big push of spawning fish from the French River every spring.

East End of the Lake

The east end of the lake is big water.  When the wind blows on this lake, smaller boats won’t fare well on the east end of the lake.  This part of the lake has a couple of larger bays, some smaller bays and ton of offshore structure.  Anglers do very well for a variety of fish on the underwater rock piles, shoals and reefs.

Fish the Bays

There are many bays on the lake and they offer good fishing, especially early in the year.  Some of the shallower, weedy bays are better for northern pike and largemouth bass, although, you may find some smallmouth bass and muskie there too.  The bays that hold a little deeper water can hold just about every type of fish early in the year and in the fall too.

Fish the Offshore Structure

This lake has a lot of offshore structure.  On the west end, there are so many islands to fish that you can fish this part of the lake all week long on your trip here without having to go anywhere else.  On the east end, there is a ton of underwater structure featuring rock piles, shoals and reefs.

Fish the Points

There are plenty of points to fish on the lake whether they are part of the main lake shoreline or points coming off of islands.  Points will hold a variety of fish throughout the fishing season.  Wind blown points can be very productive when the wind blows on this lake.

Fish the Rocks

This lake has a lot of rocks in it.  From the rock piles, shoals and reefs underwater to the rocky points and the rocky shorelines, you have so many places to target fish around the rocks.  Walleye and smallmouth bass love the rocks, but you’ll also find perch, northern pike, muskie and some largemouth bass around the rocks too.

Fish the Weeds

There are plenty of weeds on Lake Nipissing and they will hold a variety of fish.  Most of the weeds will hold northern pike and largemouth bass, but some of the types of weeds will hold other fish too.  Smallmouth bass are found around the pencil reeds throughout the lake.  Some walleye will relate to the weeds.  Muskie and panfish can be found around many of the types of weeds as well.

Lake Nipissing Fishing Regulations

Ontario Regulations (Lake Nipissing is in Zone 11)