Fishing Techniques

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There are so many fishing techniques that you can use to catch a variety of fish.  To experienced anglers, these should be fairly basic to you.  If you are learning about fishing, understanding the different techniques can make a huge difference in whether or not you catch fish on a consistent basis.

Bottom Bouncing

This is one of the more popular techniques for targeting walleye on the bottom.  Most anglers slow troll spinner rigs when bottom bouncing, but you can use a lot of other baits and lures while fishing with bottom bouncers.

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Bottom Fishing

Many fish relate to the bottom.  Most anglers think of offshore saltwater fishing when they hear the words “bottom fishing” but to have success fishing for many different freshwater and saltwater species of fish, you are going to have to learn how to fish on or near the bottom.

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This is basic.  Learn to cast so you can cast all over the place to present your baits to as many possible targets throughout the day.  When anglers think of casting, they usually think of how most bass anglers fish.  Cast to a spot, work your bait in, then cast to another spot.  Repeat until you find a pattern and cover enough water to catch more fish.

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Dead Sticking

Dead sticking isn’t a very popular technique, but it can be used for a variety of fish.  We gave dead sticking and still fishing 2 separate categories.  They are similar, but most anglers that use the dead sticking technique to their advantage aren’t really still fishing.  They are just using a very slow fishing technique to catch more fish.

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Drifting is great for fishing with live baits or for jigging a variety of lures while the wind helps you cover more water.  It’s a great technique for fishing deeper water.

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Drop Shotting

Drop shotting is one of the best techniques you can use for so many different fish.  Fish it shallow, deep, in between, around cover and in open water.  It may be the most versatile fishing technique you will find.

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Flipping and Pitching

Flipping and pitching is a very popular technique for largemouth bass.  There are situations though where being able to flip or pitch will help you catch a variety of different fish.

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Jerkbait Techniques

A jerkbait retrieve is a great way to catch a variety of game fish.  Most anglers think of largemouth bass or smallmouth bass, but there are so many species of fish that will fall for a well retrieved jerkbait technique.

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Jigging is a great fishing technique.  It is most popular for walleye in freshwater and for wreck and reef fishing in saltwater.  You can jig for a variety of fish though.

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Still Fishing

Still fishing is pretty simple.  Cast your bait out, sit and wait.  The key here is to find productive water and know when to move out of unproductive spots.  It seems basic, but there is definitely a science to it.

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Topwater Fishing

Topwater fishing is probably the most exciting technique you can use.  A variety of freshwater and saltwater fish will come up and feed on the surface, however, largemouth bass and smallmouth bass come to mind for most anglers when they hear the words “topwater fishing.”

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Trolling is kind of boring for most anglers, but one of the best techniques for targeting salmon, trout, walleye, muskie and a variety of saltwater fish.

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Wading can be a lot of fun, however, it can also be very dangerous.  Most anglers will wade the shallows when fishing saltwater or the rivers when targeting salmon, trout, smallmouth bass and walleye.  You can fish for other species of fish while wading as well.

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