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Lac Seul is the second largest body of water located entirely within the province of Ontario.  It is 150 miles long with many bays, islands and narrow channels.  The lake has many rock shoals that provides excellent habitat for smallmouth bass, walleye, northern pike, muskie and perch.  This lake has resorts spread out on the east end and the west end.  This is a big lake and it’s not uncommon to make long runs out here.  However, this lake is loaded with fish so if you put in the time to learn the areas around where you’re staying, you should be able to catch some fish close to home too.  This is one of those lakes that delivers on 100 fish days and even better if you hit it just right.

Primary Species of Fish

(West & North Side of the Lake)
Walleye & Northern Pike

The west and north side of the lake near Ear Falls is home to some awesome walleye and northern pike fishing.  You will find some smallmouth bass and perch, but it is going to be mostly walleye and pike in this part of the lake.

(East Side of the Lake)
Walleye, Northern Pike, Muskie & Smallmouth Bass

The east side of the lake has a more diverse fishery.  Northern pike and walleye are here in big numbers and trophy fish are here too.  However, you also can target smallmouth bass and muskie on this side of the lake.  There are some trophy sized smallmouth bass and muskie in this part of the lake too.

Secondary Species of Fish

Perch, Muskie, Smallmouth Bass

While you will find smallmouth bass and muskie on the east side of the lake, they are still secondary compared to the walleye and pike.  You may run into some perch as well.  Trophy fish are here, but don’t expect big numbers of the secondary species unless you really have it dialed in on a smallmouth bass or perch pattern on your trip here.

Northwest Part of Lac Seul
Ear Falls

The west side of Lac Seul is all about the walleye and pike.  If you have ever visited the east side and caught muskie and/or smallmouth bass over there, don’t expect to find that on the west side of the lake.  The walleye and pike fishing is world class, so that doesn’t change and the river fishing near Ear Falls is outstanding if you want an option for windy weather.  We have an entire section on our website about the Ear Falls area, so if you want to learn about the fishing on the other area waters in that area, take a look.

East Part of Lac Seul
Sioux Lookout

On the east side of the lake, you will find some amazing fishing for walleye and northern pike to go along with some trophy muskie and smallmouth bass fishing too.  Muskie and smallmouth bass aren’t the primary species of fish here, but if you want to catch muskie and/or smallmouth bass with the walleye and pike, you can do that on this part of Lac Seul.  You also have many other lakes to fish with a variety of fish to catch.  You will find excellent fishing for walleye, pike, smallmouth bass, muskie and lake trout too.

Learn more about the Sioux Lookout area if you want to fish this side of the lake.

West Central Part of Lac Seul
Perrault Falls Area

This part of Lac Seul is just south of Ear Falls, however, many people do choose to come fish this part of the lake for many reasons.  One, you’re close to some of the popular areas that anglers drive down from Ear Falls to fish and the boat ride is much shorter if you just choose a resort down here.  Two, there are a lot of options for anglers that want to fish other lakes.  You can enjoy the awesome walleye and pike fishing on Lac Seul, but just a short drive away, you can experience much better smallmouth bass fishing and muskie fishing in the Perrault Falls area compared to Ear Falls.  We have an entire section dedicated to Perrault Falls, Ontario, so take a look to learn more about this awesome area to fish.

Fishing the Bays

There are plenty of bays to fish on Lac Seul.  Some are smaller and some are so big that they will fish like smaller lakes.  The bays usually are very good to fish in the spring and early summer as fish move into them to find warmer water temperatures and to spawn.  Lac Seul is mostly a rocky lake, so you aren’t going to find tons of weed beds here, but the shallower bays are the places to search for some weeds.  These are usually the better northern pike spots earlier in the year.

Fishing the Creeks, Spillways & Waterfalls

There are some areas on the lake that has water flowing into Lac Seul.  Some of these spots can be very good for fishing, especially earlier in the year.

Fishing the Drop-offs

Lac Seul is deep and the drop-offs are going to be the main pattern you will be fishing.  Target the drop-offs along the rocky shorelines, just off the islands and near the reefs and you’ll catch more fish.

Fishing the Islands

There are so many islands to fish and most of them will hold some walleye and pike.  Some will be flat out awesome and others will not produce on that day or time you are fishing them.  Find the islands that have wind pushing waves up onto them.  These spots are almost always better than the calm sides of the islands.  Fish the drop-offs and plan on fishing plenty of rock.

Fishing the Points

There are tons of rocky points coming off of islands or the main land shorelines.  The points can be great spots for walleye and pike, especially when you have some depth and some wind pushing water into these spots.

Fishing the Reefs

There are plenty of reefs throughout Lac Seul.  You actually have to be super careful on this lake for navigating your boat because of these reefs.  Many of these reefs will also provide great summer and fall fishing for walleye, northern pike and on the east side of the lake, you will find smallmouth bass too.

Fishing the Rocks

Lac Seul is loaded with rocks, so plan on fishing the rocks while fishing here.  From rocky shorelines, to points to islands to reefs, you are going to find rocks everywhere and the walleye and pike will be there too.

Fishing the Weeds

There aren’t a ton of weeds on Lac Seul, but some of the better weed beds that you can find in the bays will hold northern pike and some other fish too.

 Fishing Regulations

Ontario Regulations (Lac Seul is in Zone 4)