Dinorwic Lake

This lake provides good fishing for a variety of species.  Anglers usually come here to target walleye and perch to eat and they will target muskie and smallmouth bass for action.  Crappie are here too and don’t forget about the muskie.  There are some trophy muskie here too if that’s something you want to pursue.  The lake isn’t real deep either, so you can find active fish much shallower on this lake than other deep water lakes in the summer.  This lake has a little bit of everything, so you’re going to get some action and if you want to target a specific fish, you can totally do that as well.

Shallow Water Fishing

Dinorwic Lake is really shallow compared to many of the other popular drive to fishing lakes in Ontario.  Combine that with the murky water and you will find a lot of fish much shallower here compared to other lakes.

Murky Water Presentations

The water is very murky on Dinorwic Lake.  Anglers will have very little visibility when trying to look through the water.  You will have a lot more success by using brighter presentations with your lures and live bait rigs.  Good electronics are key to understanding your surroundings to avoid hitting your motor on a rock as well as finding good fishing cover and structure.  Because this lake is a fairly shallow lake, many anglers will find rocks and vegetation the old fashioned way and that is by casting lures that sink down enough to let them know if there are rocks, weeds or wood in those areas.

Fish the Bays

There are a lot of bays to fish on Dinorwic Lake and some very large bays as well.  Early in the season, all types of fish will move into these bays, so anglers can target walleye, pike, smallmouth, panfish and eventually muskie once the muskie opener arrives.  Because this lake is so shallow, there is a lot of shallow water to fish early in the season, but with so many fish up along the shorelines, most anglers just pick a bay that looks good and they start working the shoreline.  Later in the season, plan on finding plenty of fish relating to some of the deeper weed lines and the offshore structure in the larger bays.

Fish the Islands

Dinorwic Lake has a lot of islands to fish.  There are some very large islands, which are great for getting out of the wind on a windy day.  There are also plenty of smaller islands, so once good numbers of fish head offshore in the summer, you can run from island to island to find active fish.  Just be careful flying around this lake though because there are rocks offshore and the visibility on this lake is brutal.

Fish the Points

Dinorwic Lake has a lot of larger points on it, which makes for some great spots to start when searching for schools of fish.  With all the islands, there are plenty of points coming off many of them as well, so you can easily fish points as your main pattern and you would have plenty of spots to fish.

Fish the Rock Humps

There are a lot of rocks on Dinorwic Lake, so you have to be careful with the stained water.  You will need good electronics to help you find some of these offshore rock humps.  The fishing can be very good on these spots from summer through fall.

Fish the Shorelines

The shorelines can be very productive all season long due to the lake being so shallow and murky.  Plan on finding walleye, pike and smallmouth bass shallower than you would on those clearer Canadian lakes you may have fished.  On this lake, plenty of fish will still go deep in the summer and late fall, however, there are plenty of nice fish that can be found along the shorelines from spring through fall.

Fish the Weeds

Weeds hold a variety of fish on Dinorwic Lake just like on Wabigoon.  You will find walleye, pike, muskie, crappie, perch and even some smallmouth bass relating to the weeds.  The hard part is finding the weeds due to the water clarity.  Visible weeds above the water’s surface will help the angler, however, if you can find some of the areas with submerged weeds, you may have some awesome spots to fish.

Fishing Regulations

Ontario Regulations (Wabigoon and Dinorwic Lakes are in Zone 5)