Slip Bobber Rig

The Slip Bobber Rig is the way to go if you are looking to fish deeper water, but still use a float.  You can find slip bobber rigs in most bait & tackle shops.  Once you learn how to use them, you’ll agree that they are fairly easy to set up.

How It Works

In this rig, the bobber slides freely until it hits the bobber stop.  You will set the bobber stop at the depth that you would like to fish your bait.  For example, you may be fishing a deep weed edge and you see that most of the fish are suspended about 15 feet down.  By setting the bobber stop at 15 feet, the line will slide through the bobber and your bait will be positioned exactly where the fish are positioned.

Live Bait

Most anglers use live baits with slip bobbers.  Nightcrawlers, leeches and minnows all work great on a slip bobber.

Hair Jigs

Hair jigs work great under a slip bobber.  Some anglers tip live baits onto their hair jigs, but you can catch a variety of fish without tipping them as well.

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