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Lipless crankbaits are arguably the best search bait on the market.  A lipless crankbait is a crankbait without a lip.  To get the lure to drop to certain depths, you must cast it out and wait to retrieve it.  The longer you wait, the deeper the lure will run.  These lures are best used in 4 to 12 feet of water.  Most lipless crankbaits have rattles in them, and if they don’t, find one that does. The noise drives fish crazy.  You can often hear the noise of the lure 10 feet away from your boat as you are winding it in.

Tackle Recommendations

Rod, Reel & Line

Lipless Crankbaits are used mostly on baitcasters but you can break out your spinning gear too for lipless crankbaits.  There are many different sizes, so you may be using light tackle with 4 to 6 pound test line while target trout in streams or going with heavy tackle while targeting big largemouth bass, northern pike and even muskie.  Take a look below to learn some of the best ways you can fish a lipless crankbait.

Best Fishing Techniques

Burn it – Super Fast Retrieve

The burn it retrieve works great for many species of fish.  When the fish are finicky, this isn’t going to be the way to catch a bunch of fish, but when they are feeding aggressively, it may seem like you can’t wind it in fast enough.

Slow & Steady Retrieve

These lures aren’t really made to be fished slow, but for this bait, a slower and steady retrieve is how most anglers fish them and it works great.

Stop and Fall Retrieve

The stop and fall retrieve can work well, although, most anglers don’t fish these baits this way.  Occasionally, just stop winding and be ready for a hit just after you pause the bait and let it drop.  After a couple seconds, start winding again and then just repeat the process if it’s working.


Trolling a lipless crankbait is a great way to cover some water.  Try fishing it on a Carolina rig or 3-way rig so you can get the lure down deeper.

Vertical Jigging

This isn’t a popular technique for fishing with lipless crankbaits, but it does work.  Drop it down to the bottom, jig it up, let it fall and just keep repeating the process until you get bit.

What Eats Them

Largemouth Bass

Smallmouth Bass

Spotted Bass

Northern Pike


And many other fish will eat a lipless crankbait as well.

Shop Some of the Best Lipless Crankbaits

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Cotton Cordell Super Spot

Xcaliber One Knock

LiveTarget Crankbaits

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