Kayaks have become the small boat of choice for many anglers out there.  It’s great for freshwater and saltwater and there are some quality kayaks out there that are great to fish from.


Transporting these can be easy depending on what kayak you own.

Great for small waters.

Great to fish from.


The bigger ones can be harder to transport.

Our Recommendations

Inshore Saltwater

Kayaks are awesome for the inshore areas.  The bays, creeks and flats are very easy to get into and fish with the kayak.

Smaller Lakes That Don’t Have Access

There are so many great smaller lakes that have no boat access.  Drop a nice kayak into them and you might get to experience some awesome fishing for fish that get little fishing pressure.


Ponds are great for kayaks.  You can easily fish the ponds with a kayak and some of the ponds that are harder to access will usually have the best fishing.

Smaller Rivers

You can fish smaller rivers with no problem with a kayak.  Fish from the kayak or use it to get to good spots on the river and then pull your kayak onto the shore while you fish from the shore.


Kayaks work great in smaller streams.  If you like to fish for trout or smallmouth bass, you can get into some areas that would be almost impossible for other anglers to get to without a small boat.

Popular Brands

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