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Kabetogama Lake is part of Voyageurs National Park on the Minnesota, Ontario border.  This lake has miles of pristine, undeveloped shorelines and 25,000 acres of water.  It is a popular vacation destination for people who love the outdoors.  There are many resorts waiting to accommodate you and most of them have boat rentals available at the resort.

Primary Species of Fish

Walleye & Northern Pike

Walleye, sauger, northern pike and perch are the primary species of fish in this lake, however, the smallmouth bass and crappie fishing can be pretty good here too.  Walleye are the preferred target by most anglers.  Good numbers of fish plus some very big fish are possible here.  For pike, it’s one of the better big fish lakes in Minnesota.  Perch are available in big numbers, so expect to catch them while fishing for walleye.

Secondary Species of Fish

Smallmouth Bass & Crappie

Smallmouth bass and crappie are secondary here, but if you can find them schooled up, you can do really well here for both species of fish.  If you don’t find them schooled up, try fishing for walleye and pike.

Fish the Bays

This lake has plenty of bays that are great for early season fishing as water temperatures warm up.  Find the bays that have some weed growth and you will usually find some fish early in the season.  As the waters warm up, you will usually find the better fishing

Fish the Offshore Structure


There are plenty of islands to fish on this lake.  Target the islands with some deeper water around them and you have a good shot at finding some fish on them.  For many anglers, they just go from island to island as they look for schools of fish.  Smallmouth bass, walleye and pike will all be found around these islands.  You may have to hit several of them to find the hot bite of the day.


The reefs are usually the better spots to fish during the summer and fall.  Smallmouth bass and walleye will school up on these offshore pieces of structure and northern pike will always be close by if the smallies and walleye are there.

Fish the Points

There are several points to fish off the mainland or off the islands.  You can fish these points for a variety of fish.  The points that have access to deeper water will usually hold more fish.  Bass, pike and walleye may move up onto these points to find a quick meal.

Fish the Rocks

This lake has a lot of rock, so plan on fishing rocks to catch fish here.  Whether it is along the shorelines of the main land or the islands offshore or the reefs, there will be rock to fish.  You can fish the rocks a number of different ways, however, many anglers will choose to keep it simple with a jig and minnow or drop shot rig and minnow.  Try to stay out of the snags by fishing just above the rocks and you will have some success.

Fish the Weeds

The weeds will always hold some fish, especially early in the year.  Most anglers think of pike when they think of weeds and the pike will definitely use the weeds, however, you can sometimes find some pretty good walleye fishing in the weeds on Kabetogama Lake.  Early in the year, the bays with green weeds and warmer water will hold a variety of fish.  In the summer and fall, the deeper weed edges will be better for northern pike and walleye.  Smallmouth bass can be found around the weeds too, however, the rocks will almost always hold more smallmouth bass than the weeds.

Fish the Wind Blown Structure

This lake has a lot of offshore structure and the wind definitely helps to position fish throughout the lake.  Fish the wind blown points, shorelines, islands and reefs and you’ll have more success.

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