Casting Techniques

Casting Tips Introduction

A quick video about our casting tips section.  This video can help you make better casts on a more consistent basis which will help you catch more fish.


Skip Casting

Skip Casting is one of the best ways to target bass under docks, boats, boat lifts, overhanging trees and other types of cover where you need to skip your bait into a tight spot.


Underhand Casting

Underhand Casting is one of the best ways to cast farther distances with little effort.  This technique also works great for skipping baits under docks, boats, boat lifts and overhanging trees.


Sidearm Casting

Sidearm Casting is one of the most popular ways to cast, especially when skipping baits around all types of cover such as docks, boats, boat lifts and trees.


Flip With a Spinning Rod & Reel

Flipping with a spinning reel is very popular.  In this video, you’ll learn some great tips to flip more accurately.


Backhanded Casting

Backhanded Casting is a great casting technique whether you are making short or long casts.  There are so many situations on the water where this cast will be the best choice to get the job done.


Overhand Casting

Overhand Casting is very basic and easy to learn.  Take a look at this video to learn how to cast overhand more accurately.


Fan Casting

Fan Casting is a technique where you spread your casts out over an area kind of like a fan goes around.  The goal is to find feeding fish or even better, to find schools of fish in a specific area.

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