Welcome to our Pickle Lake, Ontario Home Page

Pickle Lake, Ontario is way up north.  This is where the good road stops and the gravel road continues.  However, there are no other services past Pickle Lake.  This is a friendly, outdoors community that offers some of the best fishing for numbers in Canada.  Catching 100 walleye in a day is easily possible here with 2 people fishing.  You may not even need to use live bait either.  Northern pike and lake trout are also available here.

Learn About the Fish

Primary Species of Fish
Walleye & Northern Pike

This is walleye and pike country and there are a lot of them in the area lakes up here.  You can catch big numbers of walleye and pike here depending on the lake you choose to fish.

Secondary Species of Fish
Perch, Lake Trout & Brook Trout

Depending on what lakes you fish and how you’re fishing, you may run into some other fish here as well.  There are some fly-in fishing services in the area and you can catch trout on some of the lakes.  You may find some perch here as well, however, this area is filled with walleye and northern pike lakes.