Fishing Tackle | Soft Baits

Plastic leeches work great for a variety of different fish. Most anglers use soft plastic leeches to target bass, but you can also catch walleye, northern pike, rock bass, bluegill and more.   You can rig these on regular jigheads, a drop shot rig, carolina rig and many other fishing rigs.

Tackle Recommendations

Rod, Reel & Line

Soft Plastic Leeches are usually fished with lighter line and a light to medium action spinning rod rigged with a simple jighead.  You can go heavier, but most anglers will be targeting smallmouth bass or walleye with lighter line when fishing with these baits.

Best Rigs

Drop Shot Rig

A drop shot rig is a great way to rig a soft plastic leech.  Hop it along and then pause it.  Most of your bites will come on the pause.


A jighead is an effective way to rig a leech.  Jig it along the bottom or up in the water column.  They both work.

Scrounger Jighead

A scrounger jighead gives the leech a lot more action.  It can be very effective when targeting walleye or smallmouth bass.  It will catch other fish too.

Spinner Rigs

A spinner rig and leech is a good way to fish.  Most anglers use this technique for walleye, but you will catch some panfish and bass too.

Best Fishing Techniques

Hopping Them Along the Bottom

Hopping a leech along the bottom is a very effective way to fish these baits.

Vertical Jigging

You can vertical jig a leech and have good success too.  Most anglers use this technique for walleye, but it will catch other fish too.

Swimming Them

If you use a scrounger jighead or a spinner rig, swimming them can be effective also.

What Eats Them

Largemouth Bass

Smallmouth Bass


They will catch other fish too.

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